Meet Mike

My passion is reforming, reducing, and eliminating taxes. As a CPA, I am responsible for reducing income taxes and protecting taxpayers. As a Real Estate Broker I am committed to protesting property values while reducing property taxes.

Of the eight states with no income tax, Texas is the second highest in property taxes. Now is the time for my voice to be heard in stopping the burden of Property Tax Abuse in the leadership of the Texas Legislature. This House of Representatives needs education and property tax reform to be its priority once and for all.

For too long politicians and elected officials have wasted time in Austin talking about problems rather than finding solutions. Our schools and our homes are our future.

NOW is the time in Texas to succeed in securing both for our families forever.

Michael Berlanga

My Path

  • Son of an immigrant, fifth of seven children
  • Bexar County, Born, Raised, and Educated
  • Central Catholic, St. Mary's, UTSA
  • CPA / Real Estate Broker / Tax Consultant
  • Christian Chamber President / Board Member
  • ACTS Brother / Rotary Club - Paul Harris Fellow

My Passion

  • "Taxes, Teachers, and Texas"
  • Reforming and reducing property taxes
  • Protecting Property Owners from Annexation
  • Restoring respect for seniors
  • Funding Public Education FAIRLY AND EFFICIENTLY

“I come from a family that has been involved in education, homes and taxes for as long as I can remember. I want to improve education for all and protect home ownership for a lifetime. We need to support teachers, reduce taxes, and make living a lifetime a life worth living. Government and business can best exist when faith and family are prioritized with respect. With a life of serving people of business, government and ministry, I am uniquely blessed to lead the Texas Legislature to make Texas Better than the best.”Michael Berlanga, CPA

My Passion for Your Priorities


As the grandson of an immigrant who taught in local schools and privately, I was raised to appreciate and benefit from academic opportunity and excellence. Not withstanding the sudden death of my father when I was 14, my school choice to attend and graduate in three years from Central Catholic as well as St. Mary's was improbable if not impossible without faith and family. As the fifth in a family of seven, the role of teachers in my education in the classroom and on the athletic field will never be underestimated or forgotten. This personal journey of success academically and professionally is what my parents believed was possible for me and it is my commitment to make it possible for all the children of Texas. Without students we do not need teachers. Without teachers, our students have no future to live a lifetime worth living.


Simply put, STOPPING TAX ABUSE is my first priority. The current system in the words of one supreme court justice is "chaotic and unjust"! That was fifty years ago and the system of inequality continues to current day. Texas has the highest property tax burden of the eight non income tax states in the nation. The more than 1,200 Independent School Districts for 254 Counties is outrageous and unaccountable to achieving quality academic results and protecting against wealth discrimination. Protesting property values is a right that is not understood and a sport for those who in all local governments to hide behind the illusion and deception of helping citizens by not raising rates. The inability to protect against property tax burdens overwhelming the elderly has made the American Dream a Texas nightmare for too many homeowners of all ages. When life expectancy is 80 and expected to increase thanks to modern medicine and healthier lifestyles, why is the burden of school taxes continued till death for those who do not have children in the schools for which they pay more than half their tax bill to.. When will we own our homes and not rent our houses from the government?


I was born in San Antonio and live in Bexar County. I know the difference and am committed to not confusing the boundaries of either. Your choice to move to a community should not be a target for a larger community to take without your vote now or ever. This is not up for discussion in order to create fear of rising taxes from predatory near city growth or relieve county leaders of responsibility for emergency response and safe roadways. I will not justify my future reelection based on protecting what was already your right to live where you live or not toll you for what you have already paid for.


Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick need new leadership in the legislature to deliver results on the priorities of public school finance and property tax reform. The next House of Representatives will choose a new Speaker of the House to achieve those goals. I will be part of that leadership as God creates such opportunities and I participate with courage and conviction, unapologetic for my faith which inspires and our families who deserve such leadership. Now is the time for a leadership without political legacy!

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To Meet and Greet
If you are interested in spreading Michael's message in person, hosting a house party is a great way to "friendraise". He is eager to personally meet as many of the District 117 residents as possible. A meet and greet offers a unique opportunity to understand the solutions to the problems facing the citizens of Far West Bexar County and Southwest San Antonio. Your family, friends and neighbors will appreciate sharing, in their own voice, the differences he can make with their help.

Michael's personal story will inform, entertain and inspire your audience to share their concerns and promote change with common sense solutions for the benefit of all.


Volunteer Your Skills
If you share Michael's passion for reducing and eliminating school property taxes while supporting teachers and education, then share your talent as a "volunteer of messaging". Your help in spreading the message that the residents of District 117 are ready for real leadership in legislature can make all the difference for you, your children and their children in all of Texas. Your talent can be used to grow an audience through Facebook, emails and phone calls. We need to elect the next truly representative leader in the legislature. There has never been a better time or opportunity to unite all Texans in Bexar County for a better tomorrow. Be a difference maker with someone who will make a difference!


Make a Donation
Time, talent and treasure are the keys to victory. When your family priorities don't allow you to volunteer your time and talent to the campaign, you can make a difference with even the smallest of donations of treasure. Michael knows the value of your work, earnings, and savings and will maximize with efficiency the spending of every campaign dollar. Donations will be used to maximize visibility. By spreading the message of lesser and smarter taxes for teachers and the elderly we can hope for a greater future for the children of Texas.